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Cricut Explore Air 2 - problem

MauriceMaurice Member Posts: 1
Hi, I am a new owner of the cricut explore air, and am having trouble with my cricut, it is not cutting in the same place when I put the mat again in the cricut, even when the paper didn't move. Any help?


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,703
    @Maurice - welcome to the Make The Cut! software forum, where we help people that use Make The Cut! with a variety of supported cutters. The Explore Air 2 was never supported by Make The Cut! so I assume you are using the program for Cricut cutters, one or the other, by ProvoCraft. I don't use either, so won't be much help.

    That said, are you putting the mat in the exact same place? What are you trying to achieve, why would you take the mat out and put it in again, and when it sounds like you didn't change the paper? You can do a double cut if you have (2 passes) rather than cut once, then load to cut again. Does that make sense??
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,860
    Putting the mat in and cutting again may work if the cutting head was in the home position at the start of each cut and has not been moved in between. However, if with the first cut your head was out of position, or if during the first cut there was a mis-cut, and mis-step, then the second cut would not likely track in the same place. 
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