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rituritu Member Posts: 6
hi i plan to buy a zing orbit , want to know is there a print and cut feature also as there is no deaign gallery like cameo or cricut whete do we get images for cutting in zing (sorry my questions are stupid but it's going to be my first machine )

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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,312
    edited August 2017
    The Zing Orbit Does have a print and Cut feature
    Although it is not possible to use that print and cut feature with Make the Cut software as there is only a plugin for the superseded Zing / Zing air cutters
    This plugin will only allow normal cutting to the Zing Orbit and also only allow USB Connection  
    To Use the Print and Cut Feature with the Zing Orbit you will need to Use Sure Cut A Lot Software  http://www.craftedge.com/

    Both Make the Cut and Sure Cut a Lot have a tracing function that would allow creation files cutting files from suitable Image files

    There are also quite a few sources of cutting file on the internet paid for and free
    There are quite a number for SVG file sharing and SVG creation groups on facebook
    The suitability of these would also depend on your needs

    a few links that may interest you '





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  • rituritu Member Posts: 6
    thanks Di-lite you are a sweetheart
  • rituritu Member Posts: 6
    Crazy_Mr_Zing so basically to print and cut we have to buy to software also i am based in india so worried about customer care issues
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,385
    Ritu, Sandy will look after you - she is based in the US but resolves most issues and the company is very reliable.  If you join the FB group you will see that she is an absolute guiding angel.  She writes all the manuals and helps with materials that are new to you.  I'm not sure if they have an agent in India but I am sure there are one or two others there that have KNK machines.  I own a Force and although it is a steep learning curve it is worth the efort.  One of the guys has an Orbit and uses it for his printing business to print and cut thousands and thousands of labels he's in Chili!.  This is the FB site - ask to join and then you will see all the posts in relation to the Orbit and other KNK machines:
    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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    Feel free to use anything in these links.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,959
    edited August 2017
    @ritu - I believe there is an agent for KNK over in your part of the world, but @SandyMcC may be best to confirm this. You will need software which is purchased separately from the cutter, in order to cut to the cutter. The software is specialized as it needs to send detailed instructions of the cut path in a language the cutter understands...so specialized software. Currently Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) fully supports the KNK Zing Orbit, while MTC only partially supports it. MTC has a Gallery of thousands of free images that are free to use for PERSONAL use only. That means you cannot sell anything you make with those images, you can give items made as gifts but not sell them. Some designers allow the selling of items made with their images, but you need to contact them individually to confirm. This would be true for all files that you acquire, some have a personal use license, as well as a commercial use license with its own licensing language (may limit the number of items you can sell, etc).

    Since you asked if the Orbit has print and cut, this suggests to me that your knowledge of the cutter is limited. Go here to take a look at the detailed User Manual, it will give you all the information you need to make a purchasing decision. I would also compare other cutters, especially those with dual blade holder assemblies, they are very much in popular demand. KNK has the Force which meets this criteria.

  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,383
    edited August 2017
    What kinds of images are you wanting to print and cut?   Are you planning to use the Zing Orbit for personal use or for a business?  This will help me provide you resources for print and cut applications.  Also, with the tracing and design functions in Sure Cuts a Lot, you will be able to design a lot of your print and cut files from scratch.  

    KNK USA has a dealer in India through which you can purchase the ZIng Orbit:   Sansidran is his name and email is [email protected]  For support groups and forums check out the list provided in the manual.  Hope to see you at one or more of those groups soon.

    Sandy McCauley
    Cutting with KNK Force, Maxx Air, Zing Orbit
    Need help with your KNK? Visit this link: http://knkusa.com/contact/
    Over 90 free MTC videos: http://www.iloveknk.com/support/mtc-support/
    Latest KNK / MTC User Manuals: http://www.iloveknk.com/Support/user-manuals/
  • rituritu Member Posts: 6
    also now zing looks like a steep learning curve , is sillhoute cameo a better option , easier and cheaper .pls suggest
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,959
    @ritu - the Silhouette will be one of the lower priced cutters. Lower priced cutters lack the ability to cut very fast, or to cut heavier papers. They are also usually noiser/louder than cutters in the $400-600 range. You get what you pay for. No other cutters have the same level of committed technical support than the KNK cutters. I started with Cricut cutter, then had a Silhouette for the print and cut functions, and now have 3 different KNK cutters. I wouldn't have a Cameo if you gave it to me free to use =). Too noisy, too slow and can't cut very well in comparison to my KNK cutters.  
  • rituritu Member Posts: 6
    thanks liz just one more query is print and cut good in knk as my line of work will majorly involve that
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