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Setting width on a Cricut

whmn5326whmn5326 Member Posts: 1
I am wanting to get a used Cricut machine to cut letters out of card stock.    Is there a a machine that will let me select the width of the font I want to use???    I want the machine as basic as possible.....rather not have to go on line to do all this stuff


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,454
    edited August 2017
    Make the Cut for which this forum is the support channel for no longer supports cutting directly to any Cricut - long story but this was the result of legal action taken by the makers of Cricut machines
    That being so there are not too many user that regularly visit this forum that also use a cricut
    You may find you get quicker more current advice from a dedicated cricut support channel , there are several cricut groups on facebook 

    I think most Current cutting software packages either 3rd party like, Make the Cut Sure Cuts Alot or a Maker's dedicated software  Silhouette Studio , Pazzels or Cricut would allow cutting letters at a set font size

    What weigh cardstock do you plan to cut as not all machines are capable of cutting heavier materials with ease
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,163
    @whmn5326 - welcome to the Forum for Make The Cut! - a software program that is used by owners of a variety of cutters, it lets them design and then directly cut to their cutter, or export their design as SVG to be used in a software that can cut directly to their cutter...like the Cricut. Cricut machines are not supported by Make The Cut! (MTC).

    The only way to use the Cricut cutters, depending on their age, is by purchasing and using cartridges, or pay and use the online software (either way you pay). With cartridges you can size the items to a certain size. If you connect the cutter to the web-based software, you can size the shape in that online software. The days of basic are no longer, unless you purchase a used older machine, and then look for used cartridges on places like eBay, etc.
  • PaperVinyl123PaperVinyl123 Member Posts: 5
    edited September 2017
    If you don't want to go online, you probably don't want a cricut. You can likely get a used Cameo for the same price and use it with MTC. I have Cricut Explore Airs, a Cameo 3, and a Black Cat Lynx. If you want to use MTC and have full support, you'll want an older Cameo. I think the Cameo is the easiest out of the box if you don't want to deal with design space or a cartridge. 

    There is an old Cricut Expression that worked with old versions of MTC and SCAL that were released before the lawsuit, if you didn't update the firmware. I have one, and just sold my other, but most used cutters can't be used with the software as Liz said and even the old ones don't work with the newest versions of the software. I don't use it anymore unless the internet goes down because of how few features the early SCAL has compared to what can be done now.   
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