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Heat Press

karenmarekkarenmarek Member Posts: 44
It appears that discussions on heat presses are a few years old.

I'm just looking for a heat press just for a hobby, a few shirts now and then.  I have checked Craig's list in my area and surrounding area and nothing.

I would like a 15 x 15 swing one but don't want to spend $300 for something that I am going to use every so often.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I am just wanting to do shirts, not mugs or hats



  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,533
    Finding a 15x15 swing arm for less that 300 is going to be tough.  US Cutter might have something in their refurbished heat presses.  Other than that, Craigslist and possibly eBay would be your best bet.  Try expanding your search area a bit.  I'm sure you'd be willing to drive a few extra miles to get your hands on a good deal, right?  :)
  • bossie1bossie1 Member Posts: 678
    Please do a lot of research. I have read that some less expensive presses can be real problems. I am a very thrifty person, but decieded to wait an extra year to save up and deal with a reliable company.
  • karenmarekkarenmarek Member Posts: 44
    I was thinking that maybe I don't need a 15 x 15 maybe a 12 x 9 would be good enough.  I actually measured and it seems that might be good enough.  Any thoughts?

  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,166
    Cheap imports have been known to be problematic. I would deal with a built in the USA dealer.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,177
    I was thinking that maybe I don't need a 15 x 15 maybe a 12 x 9 would be good enough.  I actually measured and it seems that might be good enough.  Any thoughts?

    If your primary purpose is to do shirts with it then I would not get a 12x9 for sure. You will want more rom for ease and proper placement. You have to have room for different sizes of shirts and larger designs (which you may think you won't do but you will. I have a 16x20 press and would not want smaller. I have regularly done shirts and other things for years for my kids and their teammates, etc. it is well worth taking your time and saving up to get a good, full size reliable press.
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  • karenmarekkarenmarek Member Posts: 44
    Thank you for the insight.

  • sandyjsandyj Member Posts: 821
    Mostly you would want a big press because people who sell want to be able to press shirts as quickly as possible, and a big press helps you do that.  But if you are making just a few shirts, speed is not a factor.  I have a big press and often as not, I end up placing the htv on off press, to get it straight.

    If the difference is getting a big but cheap press, vs a small, quality press, I would go quality every time.  I've read WAY too many stories of presses that don't work out of the box, fail in a matter of days/weeks/months, that blow circuit breakers, start fires and have NO support or recourse.

    Hotronix is a top of the line heat press manufacturer and recently came out with a 9 x 12 craft press for $299.  It's pink and comes with a 1 year warantee.  I've been considering picking one up as a travel press.

    If you really want something bigger, heat press nation has decent quality presses and folks seem to like them.  They just started a Facebook group if you want to ask others about their presses:  heatpressnation creators.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,166
    Their website is silly though, they want you to prove you are not a robot! If they can't present the website without annoying potential customers, then bye-bye =(.
  • AnointedHandsAnointedHands Member Posts: 799
    I would go with at least 16 X 20, even for shirts. When doing larger sizes, you will need larger cuts/prints. And I believe the swing arm presses usually require a dedicated 20 amp fuse, or so I've read...don't have one though.

    I have a 16X20 auto/drawer from HPN and love it. 

    Once you get a good press, you might find that a few shirts now and then is only the beginning. There is money to be made in that arena and the good part is that you can offer your personal designs...don't even look into sublimation ;) ;) ;)
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