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putting in Cameo download

Good morning. I now have the MTC software installed and the registration numbers put in. Been a crazy 6 weeks! Now I need to download the Cameo plugin. I tried downloading  it from the MTC website and it goes nowhere. I cannot get it to download! Any help will be appreciated.

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  • AidensgrandmaAidensgrandma Member Posts: 10
    I'm dealing with the MS10 which is new to me so I am having difficulties... I HATE new things.  Yes, I'm old and grumpy lol.  Now I have to go to a Yard Duty meeting at the Jr. High School so I'll try again as soon as I get back. For some reason I can't even left click on a link and go there...  And I've had a computer since the 90s and my MTC since it was allowed on the Cricut... 

  • AidensgrandmaAidensgrandma Member Posts: 10
    I am OK now! My trial MacAfee was stopping me from downloading anything! I tried getting rid of the firewall temporarily and that didn't work either so I removed the program (MacAfee) and it let me do what I wanted to do! Now to see what anti virus  I want to put on my computers... I have Windows Defender on my laptop, but I'm sure I need more than that...  My thanks to all of you that answered my call for help...
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,224
    edited August 2017
    Rather annoying when a program blocks access and doesn't notify it doing so

    I'm not familiar with mcafee but most antivirus program allow you to temporarily disable the protection for a period of time eg 10min 30mnin or until restart etc
    such options should be used with caution

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