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Blade not making contact with material on select letters/objects of cut (Zing)

  I'm experiencing the following issue any feedback/tips would be greatly appreciated:

Zing will start cut but will not cut certain letters or portions of an object.  For shapes/letters is does cut it cuts through the material; however for certain parts of the cut the blade housing lifts up like it does when it moves from object to object in between cut and trace the letter/object it is supposed to cut but not make contact with the paper.  The blade housing will also lift up mid cut and not finish a cut of the same letter/object.


I have tried the below to fix the issue:


1)      Shut down/restart MTC

2)      Shut down/restart Zing

3)      Delete object to cut and redo

4)      Moved object to cut to different location on virtual mat

5)      Change blade

6)      Checked positioning of blade housing




  • BrendaSBrendaS Member Posts: 748
    Hi, I had a similar issue almost 2 years ago and I want to see it was a belt causing the problem.  You will need to contact www.knkusa.com and explain the problem, they may email back with some questions.  When they contacted me, I was offered the choice of purchasing the replacement part and installing it myself or shipping my Zing to them to do the work.  We needed a soldering iron, some screw drivers and I think we may have used a needle nose pliers.  My husband is pretty handy and we had instructions with pictures to do the job.  If you would like, I can see if I still have the instructions and message them to you so you can see what is entailed.  Hope this helps.
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