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Mylar not sticking to mat

chrisschriss Member Posts: 37
Hi, since I've tried making my mat re-sticky my mylar sheet won't stick to my mat,  I used some pva looking stuff that was supposedly for cutting mats..   They feel sticky to touch but mylar won't stick.

Can anyone recommend another product?


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,475
    edited August 2017
    I did a search for a particular topic thread, but I didn't find it.  Maybe someone else will have better luck.  Until then, I can give you the gist of what was said.  There is a product, recommended by SandyMcC, called Alene's Tack It Over and Over.  The traditional way to use it was to mix it with water either 50/50 or sometimes 60 parts water and 40 parts glue.  The reason this is important is because TIO&O is very sticky and if you weren't careful it would be so sticky you would have difficulties getting your projects off the mat after cutting.

    This all changed not so long ago.  And these are the messages I was trying to find for you.  A lady, whose name I can't remember, did some experiments with TIO&O and she discovered that it was possible to use it effectively without diluting it at all.

    What she did was to apply a small amount of the TIO&O liquid glue to her mat and then she used an old credit card to swipe the glue all over her mat, laying down a very, very thin layer of the glue.  Because Alene's TIO&O is so sticky this ultra thin layer of glue was plenty strong enough to hold down paper and vinyl.  And because you didn't need to experiment with how much water to add for you to get good adhesion and good release, it was much easier to use.

    Give it a try.  Many people tried it and reported that the credit card application method worked well.

    Of course, there are other ways to add new adhesive to your mat.  Two alternatives are the Zig Glue pen and Krylon Repositionable Spray Adhesive.  Just remember, with the spray glue, you need to tape off the sides of your mat to avoid getting glue on the the machine's rollers.

    I asked SandyMcC if she recalled the method and she actually had a link to a YouTube video.  Here ya go.  

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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,327
    Years ago, I had a customer contact me about cutting Teflon. Well, by design, Teflon shouldn't stick to anything!  So, it was a challenge to find the right adhesive and Aleene's Tack It Over and Over proved to be the solution.  I had to use more than what is shown in the video above, but it did work. So, I'm sure you'll find that your Mylar will work well with Aleene's on the mat. 
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