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Is it just me?

GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,500
Every morning I drive to work and I'm part of a large number of cars that are all going to the same work place.  The other morning I stopped a driver after we had gotten to work and asked him a pointed question.

He had a "Baby on board" sign in the rear window of his car, but when I looked into his parked car, there was no baby.  So I asked him why he had the sign up.  He said, "We always have it up so we don't have to remember to put it up when we do have the baby in the car."

So I said, "The trouble with that logic is that you are asking me, and other drivers, to take extra care to not hit your car because we believe there is a baby inside.  You are basically asking me to drive my car off a cliff rather than run into your car, in order to save your baby.  But there is no baby in the car!  That is really inconsiderate and unfair to your fellow drivers."

And he said, "Sorry you feel that way."  Then he walked away.

In the 80's they invented the Baby on Board sign and it was very popular for awhile.  But, just like myself, people began to feel put upon when they realized that most times there is no baby in the vehicle with the sign.  There was enough backlash then that the signs became unpopular.  However, it seems they are making a comeback now. And not only signs that can be easily removed when there's no baby in the car, but I've seen the same Baby on Board message done in vinyl which can not be easily removed.

Do you think that this is unfair to other drivers who can not know if there is an infant in the car?  I know the goal is for everyone to drive safely and avoid accidents, but accidents happen and many times it isn't the fault of everybody who gets hit.  I've seen a guy rear end one car and that caused two other cars to collide.  If one of those cars had a Baby on Board sign in the window, should the other have driven into a traffic light or off the side of the road to avoid injuring a non-existent baby?  If you ask me I think the guy with the sign is morally responsible to remove it when there's no baby at risk.

Your opinion?


  • Rosie0530Rosie0530 Member Posts: 3,098
    I agree to the point that if a first responder is looking for a child when there is none it could put his/her life in danger unnecessarily.
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  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,500
    That's a good point Rosie and one that had not occurred to me.  Thanks for mentioning it.
  • Mary212Mary212 Member Posts: 1,529
    The Baby on board sign might be put on the drivers side window instead, to remind new alternate parent driver or harried late to work driver to be sure baby isn't still in the car when he/she gets out at work.  Might save a baby from a hot car and horrible death.  Just a thought.
  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,806
    I am the parent of 5 and the grandparent of 2. I agree with @Liz_A and have never had a ticket.  I ignore those signs as much as I do the stick families.

    These days, I would never, ever confront any driver.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,990
    edited July 2017
    No it's very dangerous to confront anyone! Two incidents in the news here, road rage related. And I witnessed one in a parking lot last week...guy went totally berserk, shouting and yelling, and when I got on my phone to call the police, he threatened to smash my phone out of my hand! Jumped into his car, roared in reverse out of the parking spot, smashed into a van, then roared out of the parking, through a stop sign and then through a red light onto a busy 6 lane main through-way! Where is all the anger coming from? Police told me afterwards that the car was stolen and the plates were fake.
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,395
    I think if you are driving you should be driving not reading the advertising all around you.  You should be using your eyes to see pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, horses, tractors and any other hazards that might be within your hitting range - all drivers should be aware that they are driving a lethal weapon and act appropriate.  Labels on cars only confuse the issue and should be banned as the rear view window needs maximum viewing, not being muddied by pretty things that only seem important to the actual driver, as do all windows.  Whether a baby is on board or not is irrelevant as it is up to the individual driver to ensure it's maximum safety, sign posts of baby on board suggest the current driver relies on others to keep them safe.
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,325
    Maybe it was urban myth but I thought the this sign originated from incidents where emergency services did not realised the was a baby in the car at all and rescued only the other occupants . I guess rather obsolete as baby seating is now standard and mandatory in most developed countries.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,139
    As Crazy_Mr_Zing noted, the actual signs when first used were as he noted, to alert first responders to an accident scene that there was a baby on board in case the driver or other occupant was unable to do so. However, the became an issue when responders would look for a child not actually there because people failed to remove them when the child was not on board. By failing to remove them when no child, a first responder may spend too much time looking for a child not there putting their own live in danger or not getting to others in need of help. They went away because so many people used them, and always left them there so people learned to not pay attention to them. They were never meant to alert other drivers to be "extra careful" in driving because there was a baby.
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