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Brand New to Silhouette. Curio and can't figure out the first thing

NewToSilhouetteNewToSilhouette Member Posts: 1
I truly need step by step help. I have even resorted to reading instructions  :)  I am merely trying to make a box! All I need is for the machine to  1) SCORE the fold marks, and 2) cut out the box. 
 When selecting, the "ungroup" is grayed out. So I tried the other options (which I forget the name now) to separate the fold lines from the cut lines. 
I first selected the fold lines and sent to machine to "score". The "score" is a perforation. 
When I tried to select and cut the outside dimensions of the box, it re-did the "score"/perforation of the fold lines. It did make outside cut lines on 2 sides. But the dimensions of the box are not true to size of my file.
Now let me mention that first I have no idea how many platforms to use. I used all but one with a "1" blade setting.
Also, my file is an imported .jpg file.
Your patience and help greatly appreciated.


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,264
    Unfortunately Make the Cut software does not support cutting the  Curio so there maybe not be many curio user on this forum

    I would suggest s forum more dedicated to silhouette may provide the assistance you require
    This blog seem to have look of silhouette information www.silhouetteschoolblog.com

    Now I've only tinkered with Sil studio but if your design was a jpeg file that would suggest to me you need to change it into paths so then you can break it apart and set the cut line to cut and the fold lines to score
    I would think you would need to use the trace function

    If you make a box this page is a great resource

    You can create a box template to the size you require
    select more options
    set the sizes
    and download the file
    the help section suggests selecting dxf file format for user of Sil Studio basic
    if you have Sil Studio De that allow SVG import you could choose the svg file option

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