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BillGBillG Member Posts: 12
What weight cardstock should I use for clock faces. I
hope to use mod podge and wood. Thanks BillG


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,361
    @BillG - back in the day before electronic die cutters, replaceable clock faces were quite the rage! We would purchase el cheapo clocks from Wallymart or elsewhere, and then make cutesty-tootsie faces for them. They ranged from dramatic to fun and everything in between. I used a variety of papers. The best paper was an Epson paper that was a matte finish, but looked awesome inside the clock because the colours were so brilliant. Shiny papers don't work so well, hard to see the clock if it has a lot of light shining on it. I did laminate some for durability, but again the shiny factor. I would try to stick to a durable thin paper that can take the mod podge, not all papers work with this. Test small samples first.
  • BillGBillG Member Posts: 12
    Thanks Liz_A Bill
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