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Need advice about machines

lynnscrapslynnscraps Member Posts: 709
edited July 2017 in General
I own the Cameo, which I am pleased with, but I seem to have caved by watching HSN, and bought the brother scan and cut. Now I'm wondering if I really need it. Ha ha. I have the Pix scan mat,  which I have never used. I've also watched a demonstration of the brother scan and cut. For those of you who have experience with both machines, do you really get anything different with the brother scan and cut that I don't already have with my silhouette cameo? In other words what's the difference between the two ? Thanks and I look forward to your opinions.


  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    Scan N Cut was designed to be used without a computer. If you have stamps that you would like to stamp and then cut around, then the SCAN N CUT may be for you. Simply stamp your image, then let Scan N Cut cut around it for you. We can do this on our other cutters. You can do it using your PIX SCAN mat with the Cameo, if you can get your camera to work with it.  You can also scan using your regular scanner directly into MTC for Print and Cut Projects. 

    Scan N Cut cuts with a bit more pressure than the Cameo and comes with a better blade that should cut better and last longer if you are careful not to break the fragile tip. You can use your SVG files with the SCAN N Cut, by importing them into the free online Canvas software and saving as FCM. HSN provided a wireless card with the SNC, so you may be able to send your FCM file directly to the SNC wirelessly from your computer or tablet, even though SNC was not designed to be used with the computer.  I think the process of importing SVG files into MTC and cutting to your Cameo directly would be quicker if you are used to doing it that way. 

    Once you get the Scan N Cut, you can try it out to see if you like it for what you do. If not, use that 30 money back guarantee, and send it back if it doesn't live up to your expectations.  Give yourself a bit of practice time to learn to use it effectively, as every cutter has its own learning curve. 

    I can do everything that the Scan N Cut can do with my other cutters, and better, because they cut with more pressure, so it is not at the top of my list of preferred cutters. But if I only had a Cameo, then SNC might be a better option for the price. 
  • lynnscrapslynnscraps Member Posts: 709
    edited July 2017
    Thank you, Julie. I was hoping you would see my post and give me the comparison I needed. I have never had my P&C to work consistently and I thought the SNC might be easier. I do scan from my PC scanner directly to Make the Cut but I never seem to get a good result from the pixel trace. Again, thinking the SNC might help. I will take your advice and experiment with my Pix Scan and the SNC to see if I really need to keep it. I appreciate your comments and all the help you have given me from the earliest days of Make the Cut. 
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