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Blade starts cutting left of mat

maxtormaxtor Member Posts: 1
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Hello, new here and new to the plotter/cameo. Just bought the Cameo 3 and am trying to cut a stencil in some dura-lar (.005 thickness). I "thought" I did everything according to a "how to" video on youtube but when I click "send", the blade starts cutting to the left of the mat and no where near the material. I'm using the Autoblade and have Silhouette Studio 4.0.837ss.
    Advanced warning, as I said, I'm new to all this so may not understand all the terms      ;)    

Thanks for any help!

   EDIT - guess this comes with being new to all this but I wasn't aware that the blade "taps" multiple times to the left of the mat before it starts cutting. DOH!   
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  • BrendaSBrendaS Member Posts: 748
    It sounds like you figured it out. 

    I don't have a Cameo but when my Zing cuts in the "wrong place" it is usually because I have portrait and landscape mixed up either when placing items on the virtual mat or when loading the mat and paper into the cutter.

    We all make mistakes--unfortunately that is sometimes the best way to learn.

    Good luck with your project.
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,350
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    In case you're interested, that tapping occurs in order to rotate the blade to the correct direction before cutting the first shape. 
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  • gll5613gll5613 Member Posts: 44
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    When the left tool of the Cameo 3 is using the AutoBlade in Silhouette Studio (or is set up to indicate it is), the repetitive tapping to the left of the cutting mat is the automatic adjustment of the blade to the depth specified in the cut settings. It's prudent to visually inspect the AutoBlade to ensure that it was adjusted to the correct number.
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