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Alternative blade holder for knk force

shaznishazni Member Posts: 2
edited June 2017 in General
Hi, I live in Sri Lanka and was looking into buying knk force. But before I buy I need to check on blade suplies and cost. As a crafter I'm on a tight budget and was wondering if KNK force blade holders can use alternative blades like roland plotter blades or if it can use alternative blade holder and blades?? Like CB09 blade holder and blades can be used for siluhouette cameo ? I run through blades a lot and this would really help.
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Posts: 3,198
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    The Blade Holder for the KNK force is rather unique as it has a blade tension setting rather than a blade length setting So I think finding an Alternative Blade Holder would be unlikely
    As for alternative blades that fit the Genuine KNK Force Blade Holder quite some time ago there was a discussion on the KNK Force Facebook Group about alternative blades Some people getting satisfactory results using Non genuine clone of the Graphtec CB15 Blade
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  • leslie6111leslie6111 Posts: 2,360
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    There is a spring inside of the force blade holder setting the tension as Paul talked about in his post. Other blade holders do not have this spring. The Grapic cb15 blades are inexpensive, although not as long lasting I have read than the force blades (I haven't tried the ones I purchased yet). If you end up buying the force - order enough blades depending om your usage at the same time for the year when you order the machine. They do last a pretty long time as blades go - I do not think I have even gone thru more than 5 or 6 of them since I have owned the force for over a year and you are more likely to chip one when you are first learning. I do about 1 project card a week if that gives you an idea. You will also need extra mats too for any cutter (unless you are only going to cut vinyl off the mat). Blades are considered disposables - but quite honestly I go thru paper much more than either blades or mats.
  • tuicarlostuicarlos Posts: 159
    edited June 2017 Accepted Answer
    @shazni - My recommendation to you is to prioritize quality and pass on the cost of this quality to your customers. They sure won't mind paying a few cents more on each piece if your work is always the best. Note that in the Leslie's case a cheaper blade perfectly justifies her small production but if your production is bigger would be smarter to buy a better blade so you’ll save money on shipping, on the time of replacing blades and still guarantees the quality of your product with a precise and clean cut. If someone told you that the $630.00 cutter Force is the best, he/she should not suggest a very important part of your cutter as an alternative part that cost less than $9.00. My opinion!

  • leslie6111leslie6111 Posts: 2,360
    edited June 2017 Accepted Answer
    I paid $18.90 for 15  Graphtec cb15 blades (5 each - 30, 45 and 60 degree blades) from ebay versus $40 for 5 force blades. If you do a lot of cutting of material that is hard on blades - the cb15 would be an economical route. I haven't tried the ones I bought yet since I still have quite a few force blades, but there are some members on the force facebook group are happy with these alternative blades. You would have to use them in the force blade holder. And the blade settings will be have to be adjusted


  • shaznishazni Member Posts: 2
    Thanks all for your wonderful advice. I do loads of cardboard cake toppers and as the cutting force is less on the cameo. I cut 200gsm with double cut and even that I have to redo again,as it does not cut through some places. I usually make a couple and stack them up for strength. I run through blades quite a lot too when I try to cut stencils from used X-ray sheets. Some times I need to do about 3 double cuts and at the end of it my blade is dull!. So cheaper blades are a blessing. I'm compeating with laser cutters and so have to give a less rate for cardboard as opposed to wood.
    I won my silhouette machines. Recently won a curio too. I didn't use it as I want to sell my machines and get the funds for a knk force. Hopefully soon as I'm just loving the capability of it.
    Thanks again.
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