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Question about my Cricut Explore Air 2 software?

warmsignalwarmsignal Member Posts: 1
I just recently got this thing and I'm using Design Space. I know this is not Design Space support, but ever since I've had my machine the Cricut support forums have been completely gone, 404 not found. I'm having a few problems understanding why DS does what it does.

Basically, since print and cut only works for small images, I'm trying a work-around to get this thing to cut exactly where I want it to so that it'll cut my large print out, which is just a fairly basic box template outline. I've gone to the trouble of creating an image file the size of the print sheet where I welded lines touching each point of the box template, that way it would know exactly where the box template needed to be on my sheet. Problem is, when I hit "go" the preview mat creates like half inch margin from the left and 1/4th from the top, forcing my cut to be off.

Why does the preview mat differ from the canvas positioning? It doesn't matter if I move the design around on the canvas, it automatically top-left positions it, and with these crazy margins. Is there a way to get the machine to cut with no left or top margins?


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