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Cutting magnetic paper

bob696bob696 Member Posts: 2
I have had my cameo 3 about a week now and I am stumped with a problem.

I have some A4 self adhesive magnetic fridge magnet sheets that are .85mm thick and I am trying to cut shapes out of it.

The problem is that no matter what I do I can not get the cameo to cut all the way through so I get a clean pop out of the shape.

I have mounted it on the cutting mat with backing paper up and tried multiple cutting passes and I have tried increasing the cutting depth but to no avail.

I do remember a screen when I first set it up where I had a choice of Load Cutting mat or Load Media. I chose load media as my first cut was for vinyl. For the life of me I can not find this screen again and I have read on the interweb thingy that the cameo adjust automatically but then I wondered why it asked me the first time?

I have a feeling I am missing something really simple


  • AnointedHandsAnointedHands Member Posts: 797
    The cameo might not have enough force to get through the magnetic sheet.

  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @bob696 - hey Bob are you using the thick blade to cut this material? Here is info from the Silhouette website:

    "The Silhouette has a cutting force of 210gf and includes a blade that can extend to approximately 1 mm in depth when using the standard blade, or up to 2 mm in depth when using the Deep Cut Blade to accommodate thicker material types. "

    You may have to ensure you are cutting at the highest force, use the Deep Cut Blade, and do several passes (multicut) slowly so the blade can cut all the way through.
  • bob696bob696 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks both. I have tried it on a setting of 10 on the blade and a setting of 33 on the thickness so it may very well be that there is just not enough downward pressure.  I have ordered a deepcut blade as suggested (I can use it for other things so will not be wasted)
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