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What transitions should I provide to 3rd &4th graders from sewing on cardstock to sewing on fabric?

gooneybdgooneybd Member Posts: 1
I'm making next year in art room be fiber arts themed. What transitions should I give students from cardstock to fabric using the sewing machine? Any other tips? 


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,899
    @gooneybd - I am not sure I understand your question. What do you mean by transitions?

    This forum is a forum for the Make The Cut! software, which is a software for cutting vector files on a variety electronic cutting machines. Not sewing machines...however a number of members of the forum also do sew and do create files that their embroidery machines can use.

    Not sure how useful we may be =).
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,361
    Suggestion print a pattern on thin card and set the sewing machine to large stitch with thick needle and no thread and get the students to stitch round the pattern.  They can then run threads through the holes to make grid type patterns.  Gets them to follow a line and be ready for the material to make mitts - simple pattern and join the sides and round the thumb to be turned inside out.

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  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    @gooneybd ; I remember to this day my first 2 projects in sewing class the first was a simple square pin cushion that was 2 squares sewn right sides together, small opening left for turning. Stuffed with fiber fill and hand sewn shut.  Gave it to my Mom. The second was a 2 piece stuffed animal a rabbit shape.  made the same way as the pin cushion. I think a 2 piece project is a good way to go.  Use a forgiving fabric, something not so slippery.  Felt can work well for newbies.  Check out some learn to sew books to see what is suggested as first projects.  Hope this helps.
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