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Page Fault in Non Paged Area

hope9811hope9811 Member Posts: 188
Hi.  I have a question....  my computer has 2 usb 3 ports and 1 usb 2 port.  I have always ran my cricut expression using he 2.0 usb port.  However, recently, I reconfigured my space and moved my cord connecting my cricut to my computer from the usb 2.0 to a usb 3.0.  Now, whenever I turn on my cricut to cut using MTC, I received a blue screen that says that I should go to windows.com/stopcode and type in page fault in non paged area.  If I plug my machine back into the usb 2.0 port, I do not have this issue, but if I run it on a 3.0 usb port it will give me that error every time.    

I am considering purchasing a newer computer, however, the new one I was looking at only had 2 usb 3.0 ports so I have a concern that I am receiving this error on my current computer and fear that unless I resolve it, I will not be able to use MTC on the new computer.  

Any ideas why this is happening?   I am using a 32bit, asus, 8gb, 750 GB HD, running Windows 10, 1.8 ghz.  I also wondered if I went back to before the latest update of Windows which was just 3 weeks ago, if this would fix this problem.  

Worst case scenario I can just run it from the 2.0 usb, but wondered "why" this would make a difference but if I load it on a new computer using 3.0 usb then will I have this problem all over again.  Any guru's out there.  Anyone else on a newer computer running MTC and a machine on a 3.0 usb port?   I am also running MTC version 4.1.0.



  • tuicarlostuicarlos Member Posts: 166
    edited May 2017
    @hope9811 - USB 3.0 is compatible with previous versions of USB like 2.0 and 1.0. The problem is always the speed will be the lowest connection. If you connect a Ferrari 3.0 in a 2.0 port you’ll drive a Beetle. I think I went too far on this example!

    • This problem could be a corrupted system file because your computer was turned off without shutting down properly. You can try Check Disc, Troubleshooter or Restore Point. In that order.
    • Or, it could be because your antivirus. Try turn it off for a moment and test.
    • Or because your RAM failed. A soft eraser should be perfect to clean it.

    Also, don’t change the connections all the time. Each time you connect in a different port the system will find a driver and install it. Just to make sure you are not hurting your computer’s feelings, I’ll get another badge with this comment, follow these steps:

    1.       Turn your Expression off

    2.       Disconnect your USB cable from your computer

    3.       Restart your computer

    4.       Open your MTC

    5.       Connect your USB cable back to your computer

    6.       Turn your Expression on and wait a couple of seconds before testing

  • hope9811hope9811 Member Posts: 188
    Thank you.  I will give those a try!  Sure didn't want to hurt it's feelings!  LOL

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