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Silhouette Cameo USB connection, Win7 64

runcyclexcskiruncyclexcski Member Posts: 4
Just got myself a new Cameo Silhouette (Amazon UK), and spent 2 hrs troubleshooting as he machine wouldn't get recognized by my PC's USB, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit (manual PC build). So I figured I would share the fix (simple in hindsight). 

Tested all USB ports, USB cables known to work, disconnected all devices, still nothing. It kept showing as 'unknown device' in the list of printers (Win-R, control printers). So, at least the voltage in the cable was on, so, the machine was likely OK. Automatically updating the driver, as suggested by SA, did not have any effect (and never worked with any kind of driver update, for that matter, in Windows).

Googled the name of the built-in MS generic Windows USB driver, it's USBPRINT. Browsed for the driver manually in:


It was sure there, in usbprint.inf_amd64_...

Updated the driver, restarted the software, all looks good. Doh!


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