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INKSCAPE: how to properly prepare file for use with KnK Force? [Resolved]

ausvoter2015ausvoter2015 Member Posts: 5
edited May 2017 in Resolved Issues
As a KnK Force newbie, I have been struggling to learn how to properly prepare an SVG file using Inkscape. I have used the pre-made Basic Shapes on the Force without a problem. I have even used one of the calibration files to print different basic shapes. I just added a box and circle to this file & it cut perfectly. When I try to create something new using Inkscape it doesn't work - it sucks. The cut is about a 1/4 of the size and the blade is always move to an upper left position from the X,Y; 0,0 position. I have followed the object simplification and combining steps etc but no luck. So I obviously am doing something wrong. If anyone can help my learning of Inkscape for the KnK Force I would appreciate it.
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