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Design won't finish cutting [Resolved]

QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 580
edited May 2017 in Resolved Issues
Hi everyone!  
I am running 4.1.0 with MTC and have a Silhouette Cameo.  It has been about year since I've used either one.  (Sad, I know).  When I went to cut a file today, everything above the 8 inch mark cut perfectly.  But once it got to anywhere below 8 inches, the machine said, "I'm done" and it stopped cutting entirely.  Doesn't matter what pattern I use--anything above 8 inches long won't cut (the width cuts perfectly, all the way to 11.75 as normal).  My machine seems to behaving absolutely normally.  I went through the troubleshooting for it.  Using the 12x12 mat, as I always do.  I've also moved the motor housing back and forth as was recommended.  The cutting strip on the machine looks good, so I don't think it's the machine.  I've even tried new blades and a new mat (though I know that didn't have anything to to with this).  I am using this on a different computer since my laptop died (that was my go to).  Any clues as to what I could try?  Not sure if I've ever run MTC with Windows 10, which is what I'm running now.  Is there a new version of MTC that I am missing?
Thanks in advance
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