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Design won't finish cutting [Resolved]

QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 580
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Hi everyone!  
I am running 4.1.0 with MTC and have a Silhouette Cameo.  It has been about year since I've used either one.  (Sad, I know).  When I went to cut a file today, everything above the 8 inch mark cut perfectly.  But once it got to anywhere below 8 inches, the machine said, "I'm done" and it stopped cutting entirely.  Doesn't matter what pattern I use--anything above 8 inches long won't cut (the width cuts perfectly, all the way to 11.75 as normal).  My machine seems to behaving absolutely normally.  I went through the troubleshooting for it.  Using the 12x12 mat, as I always do.  I've also moved the motor housing back and forth as was recommended.  The cutting strip on the machine looks good, so I don't think it's the machine.  I've even tried new blades and a new mat (though I know that didn't have anything to to with this).  I am using this on a different computer since my laptop died (that was my go to).  Any clues as to what I could try?  Not sure if I've ever run MTC with Windows 10, which is what I'm running now.  Is there a new version of MTC that I am missing?
Thanks in advance
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  • QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 580
    Oh, by the way, load carrier mat is checked everytime.

  • Little_BerryLittle_Berry Member Posts: 5,759
    edited May 2
    upgrade MTC Did you change the mat setting in MTC? Check your USB cable
  • QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 580
    I am using the 12x12 typical mat, but it acts as if I am using the 12 x 8.  What is the latest version and where do I upgrade?  Thanks.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,039
    Yes, the most up to date version of MTC is 4.6.2 on a PC, 4.6.1 on a Mac.  Since it sounds like you are not working with a Cricut cutter, there is no reason not to update it. You can download it from their home site here: http://www.make-the-cut.com/Download.aspx?ref=lp

    Second, its been a long time since I tried to cut with MTC to any of my Silhouette cutters but make sure that you are selecting the Cameo plugin and not the smaller size cutter.  It almost sounds like you have possibly have it thinking you are cutting with the smaller cutter maybe.
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  • QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 580
    Hi MeFlick.  I am seeing only 1 plug in  for both the smaller Silhouette and the Cameo.  I've never had trouble with 4.1 before, even on this computer.  Do you think things changed when I updated to windows 10?
  • QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 580
    Little Berry and MeFlick:  Thank you both for your help.  I uploaded 4.6 and now it's running perfectly!
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