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Nodes Moving all over the place when selecting? [Closed]

alanc123alanc123 Member Posts: 5
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Hi, i opened up my sillhouette today , tried to manually move an editing point of a cutline and its moving alot on the click and distorting the cutline alot. Maybe ive accidentally changed a setting somewhere, Not sure but im just about to throw my laptop out of the window. Thanks in advance.

Before click

after first Click

trying to drag node jumps straight to this position

i get similar results with a different shape of distortion using smooth. i just want to drag a couple of nodes inside the image to eliminate a couple of parts where the backing paper is showing after cut . i do not want to indent anymore or i lose part of the image.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,126
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    Welcome to the support forum for the software program Make The Cut!

    Looks like you are new and seeking help with the Silhoutte cutter program rather than MTC. unfortunately, Silhoutte does not have an official support forum to seek help at. There is an unofficial one if you will search for a Silhouette Plus I think. Plus, if you do Facebook, there are some dedicated to using the Silhouette programs with their cutters. You could also checkout the official Silhouette site for their Help and FAQ sections. Checking into help from any of those should would get you the quickest  and most accurate help since most people here use MTC as their primary program. As a result, could be a while before someone who also uses a Silhouette's program can offer more help.

    EDITED TO ADD: This is a duplicate thread of this one:
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