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Newbie Looking for Advice

JoiseyBoyJoiseyBoy Member Posts: 2
Have been having a great time since I began teaching myself how to make signs a few weeks ago, but have a nagging issue...When I weed vinyl off of my painted signs, I wind up with so many cut marks/notches inside the letters where I start my weeding tool. This isn't that big of a deal if you are distressing the sign, but if you are going for a clean look, some of the cuts are too deep and still noticeable after touch up paint. Does anyone have advice or should I just chalk this up as a newbie issue and my weeding will become more "sensitive" over time? Thanks in advance.


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,469
    @JoiseyBoy, welcome to the MTC forum.  Mostly what we talk about here is using the Make-The-Cut software to design and then cut out the designs we have made.  Of course, there are lots more things to discuss, but that is the main purpose of the forum.

    That said, what type of vinyl are you using?  What kind of tool are you using for weeding?  Are you using transfer tape to apply your cut design to the wood?  What machine are you using to cut the vinyl?  And are your cuts nice and clean with closed shapes that can be easily removed?

    Assuming you are getting good cuts and have no problem removing a shape from the vinyl backing, it's possible you are using a kind of vinyl with a very aggressive adhesive, making it difficult to remove from the painted wood.

    When you give us a few more details we'll likely have more suggestions for you.


  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,304
    When I weed, I use my weeding tool in the very middle of what I'm removing.  I prick the vinyl in the center of a waste part and lift up.  I assume you're saying you use it along a cut line?   Definitely try it my way. 
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  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,330
    Just curious - are you weeding when you have placed it on wood and is that where the prick marks are - i.e. on the wood?
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  • JoiseyBoyJoiseyBoy Member Posts: 2
    Gabe, SandyMcC and Di-lite - Many thanks for the responses/help. Sorry if my posting is a little askew from this forum's focus. Like I said, I am a total newbie and stumbling all over the board in my journey of learning...Gabe - You are right. I suspect that I am using a vinyl with an aggressive adhesion and that is making it difficult. I noticed that after the vinyl is removed, there is a bit of tackiness still under the letter. I will review. I am using a Cricut machine and transfer tape. The process goes flawlessly until I hit the issue removing the vinyl from the painted sign. Sandy - you are right as well. When I went back to the sign I am working on, most of the cut marks are on the edges of the letters I am removing. Di-Lite - yes, the marks are on the wood.  Learned a lot from all of your help. Thanks again.
  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,805
    I would cut the vinyl, remove it (with the backing intact--you're just cutting through the decorative layer) from the mat, then weed (from the middle, as Sandy said), THEN apply transfer tape and put tt on your project. No need to be weeding on the wood at all!

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  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,469
    @JoiseyBoy, I'm slapping my forehead.  hwgang nailed it.  Weed it, then apply the transfer tape and remove the backing, and then apply the transfer taped vinyl to the wood.  Peel off the transfer tape and you're done.  No weeding tools need to ever touch the wood.  Of course, you will need to use clear transfer tape so you can accurately place the vinyl on the wood.

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