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Stair file [Resolved]

minicuriosminicurios Member Posts: 16
edited April 2017 in Resolved Issues
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to make  a 1/8 inch stair stringer so I can make a 3D staircase. Does anyone know where i can find such a svg? I have been unsuccessful at creating my own :( thanks Angie
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,991
    @minicurios - we have Popup Card Studio (PCS) that does that for you. Do you have PCS? We also have a resident expert - Susan Bluerobot - who has a whole blog dedicated to PCS with instructions, pictures and how to videos.

    How many stairs are you trying to cram into 1/8 inches?
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,328
    is this what you mean by a stair stringer

    There a few ways but this is how I would do it

    Begin with diamond from basic shapes

    Duplicate by10 (0"spacing) , Then with all selected weld

    Use node edit tool to remove unwanted lines

    Use pencil tool to draw line from node at A to C  (hold ctrl to snap to nodes)

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  • minicuriosminicurios Member Posts: 16
    Thank you for your help. I will look at PCS but I have managed to make it now - thanks to Crazy_Mr_Zing's excellent instructions!  Much appreciated
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