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Cricut - Small Text Recommendations

namesakenamesake Member Posts: 2
I'm using the Cricut Explorer Air 2. Can anyone please recommend a good font that cut small (20pt)? I'm looking to cut smaller fonts to place them on a small object. Any help or recommendations would be great. The material I'm using is Vinyl. 

Thank you


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,837
    @namesake - plain fonts work better that thin scripty like fonts. You can make script fonts work better by adding a shadow layer and cutting that instead, this gives some thickness to the fonts. Slow the speed of your cutter and use a mat rather than vinyl on the roll for best success.

    Your particular cutter does not cut at as high of a resolution as other cutters currently in the market, and that specification dictates just how small and detailed a cutter can cut. See this, for example:

    The TM text in this vinyl cut is sized at 0.06" inches in height, a dime is placed on the sheet to give you an idea of the overall size of the complete cut. This was cut with the KNK Zing Orbit which has one of the highest resolutions of any of the KNK cutters, which tend to spec out at better values than other brands of cutters. That results in the ability to do fine cuts, which other cutters currently on the market will never be able to do, no matter what settings you choose. Hope that helps!
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