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Ink for printing vinyl

BillGBillG Member Posts: 12
 What ink should I use for printing printable vinyl. BillG


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,837
    @BillG - what is the printable vinyl you are using, and what are the manufacturer's recommendations?
  • tuicarlostuicarlos Member Posts: 159
    @BillG - I don’t use vinyl but I think that it depends of your printer capabilities too. As you have a lot of colors available you’ll want to use white ink too, so is your printer able to do that?

    If you want to print in white vinyl only, will you want to try metallic or fluorescent ink for example? Considering that most of the printers was projected for paper you’ll have a very limited printing result for vinyl or you’ll have to use white vinyl only or you’ll have to have a specific model of printer, I should say.

    You should find out the manufacturer's recommendation as @Liz_A has suggested. 

    We have an edible printer and I can tell you that the system is a little bit different. I hope somebody else can help you better on this.

  • AnointedHandsAnointedHands Member Posts: 797
    There is a company that makes a inkjet printable vinyl...I have never used it so I don't know how durable it is.

    Printing on regular vinyl requires an eco-solvent/solvent printer and inks. I have pressed a design on glossy Oracal 651 with sublimation inks but the end product was very dull.

    I have also pressed a design on white glitter HTV using sublimation ink and it turned out beautifully.

    Both of these processes I have done required printing on sub paper using sub ink and then using a heat press to adhere it to the vinyl.
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,304
    The bigger issue is what printer do you want to use. A lot of printable vinyl is inkjet only because lasers get too warm.  
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  • bossie1bossie1 Member Posts: 678
    I have used jet pro printable transfer paper (it is kinda like vinyl) with my regular ink jet printer, pressed with heat press, came of great and has washed beautifully!
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