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Printing/PNC coloring issues....

hope9811hope9811 Member Posts: 167
Hi.  I have a question....I don't know if it's my printer, or because I am tracing and then using MTC to send it to the printer (Epson XP-300) to do a print and cut to my sihlouette cameo (first version) using version 4.6.2, or if it's Epsons way of punishing me for using refilled ink cartridges or what, but my print quality is awful when I try to do a print and cut.  I am including the link so you can see the file that I bought and traced in MTC for print and cut.  Then I am attaching my file so you can see what I am getting when I print and a copy from their website of what the file is suppose to look like.  My print quality is just awful and I'm thinking it's a printer issue not a mtc to printer issue but wanted to check just in case.  If you get good print quality from tracing and printing from within MTC, can you tell me what printer you use?  I want to be able to use refillable cartridges as the originals are SO expensive.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!



  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,194
    @hope9811 - MTC just dumps the print data to the printer...the printer does the printing. If the print results don't look like the screen, then I would suggest that the issue is a printer issue. What does it look like when you File => Print Preview? what does it look like when you change the Mat colour to Contrast? This is what it should look like when you print.

    Check that the correct paper and print quality is selected for the paper you are using. Printing in Draft mode will produce a lower quality image. I use an Epson, and I have never had a poor print from MTC, or any other program to be honest. The only time I may have an issue is if one of the colour jets is clogged, or I am really low on a colour and therefore the colour mix is off. But that is printer problem not MTC. After many years of never ever purchasing non-OEM inks for this printer, I just finally bought some non-OEM inks to try. So far, so good, I haven't any complaints.
  • Little_BerryLittle_Berry Member Posts: 5,748
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  • tuicarlostuicarlos Member Posts: 83
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    @hope9811 - I can write a book of 200 pages on how to choose a printer… LOL. There are so many brands and models but you should always consider for what do you want a printer. We work with high resolution images and our printed jobs must have an excellent quality so we opted for a more expensive printer but not too much, about $300.00. Despite having far fewer nozzles and a medium size of droplet, your printer should have a very good result because the print resolution is high. See below a comparison of specs between your printer and a good printer for graphic work. I should say: your printer is okay!

    It’s still not clear for me if your problem was only with that file or that way you were doing. Have you trying print another file just to test your printer? Also, you posted the link but not your file, so we can’t make any test on this side of the river.

    Yes, each cartridge has a chip and if you agreed to send information to Epson about improvement bla… bla… bla… when you first installed your printer they can make you buy more ink that you should. Printers manufacturers make more money with ink than with printers… believe me!

    You should find out if the current refill (alternative ink) is not the problem. I prefer using original ink and charge a little bit more my client at least I've never had any complaints about the print quality.

    Okay ... next step ... Print Setup vs. Paper Types.

    Make sure you are setting up your printer correctly for the paper type. There are some people out there using white cardstock paper for printing but keep in mind that this kind of paper does not have a layer needed to receive the ink. Try to use a photo paper instead so you will have a better result. If you decide to use a cardstock paper choose a smooth white paper and configure your printer for Photo Paper Matte. Again, the result will not be 100% good but a little better. Pearlized paper should be set for Photo Paper Satin for a better result. The brighter is the paper more vivid and brilliant each color will be.

    Now you help me! If you bought a design with SVG extension file option and you are using MTC why do you need to trace it before the PnC process?

  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 2,492
    You could try using the printers nozzle check function
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  • tuicarlostuicarlos Member Posts: 83
    @hope9811 - It’s almost impossible you have nozzles from 4 ink heads clogged because the ink has solvent but if you rarely use your printer, do what @Crazy_Mr_Zing is suggesting and I hope that it fix the problem.

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