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Inkscape beginner

I created an image in Inkscape that I intend to use MTC to cut out.  I saved the image as SVG and opened in MTC (second image).  The image has become distorted and no where near as clear as in Inkscape (first image).  I tried to find a video on YouTube but they all show how to use a certain Provocraft software that I'm no longer utilizing and it's not translating.  These are two layers - black and orange.  I lost all kinds of details in the mouth and eyes (second image is looking more like a zoombie in the eyes).  I'm hoping someone here can tell me what I should be doing.


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,119
    First, MTC saves "space"/resources by not displaying the image in full blown, ideal view by default. You can check the actual image its self by checking print preview to see it "in full resolution".  You can turn that off by going to the Advanced Settings under help and unticking the option there.  (Image caching I think it is.)

    Second, when you saved the image as an SVG file in Inkscape, what exactly did you do?  You cannot simply do a save as SVG you must first convert the image in Inkscape into "objects so that they become "vector shapes".  I forget exactly the steps you have to do that with in Inkscape.  Why are you using Inkscape as the "middle man"?  You can pixel trace the image directly into MTC without having to go through Inkscape first.  Did you try that?

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  • rebeckiarebeckia Member Posts: 5
    I started in Inkscape because I was using a color photo.  Really I started in Paintshop to get rid of the background and just keep the teen.  Then I opened it in Inkscape.  I clicked on path -> trace bitmap -> multi scans of picture.  Separated the grouping, then I selected two of the scans that I liked together.  I deleted the scans I did not need and saved as svg.  I have played with scan/trace on MTC with no success.  I really appreciate any advice.
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,229
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    I've not done much with inkscape are you saving a a inkscape svg or a plain svg

    I'm wondering what colour you have you mat set to and any setting other than contrast can make the details and colours look soft

    back in 2012 there was a issue with svg from inkscape not usre if this was resolved later
    at the time methods of working with inkscape svg were disscussed on a webinar

    Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar - June 05, 2012

    this information maybe not be current

    I find if you can make the background transparent transparent and save a png that make pixel tracing in MTC easier

    transparent bg.png

    These are great videos on pixel trace they really help me

    Make The Cut - Pixel Tracing for a PNC

    Make The Cut: Pixel Trace Part 1 - Pixel Tab Option

    Make The Cut: Pixel Trace Part 2 - Alpha Tab

    Make The Cut: Pixel Trace Part 3 - Palette Tab

    Make-The-Cut: Pixel Trace Part 4 - Color Tab

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  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,349
    Don't forget to check print preview - you might see that it is not as bad as it looks on the page.  MTC uses a very basic view of a project to save memory where as print preview will give you a more realistic view.  If it looks naff in preview then it is!  Hope this helps a little.
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  • rebeckiarebeckia Member Posts: 5
    I'm listening to y'all - I didn't really do anything differently except for this snip it is from the preview page and not the working mat.  I think it looks more like the Inkscape image.  I am much happier with this.  What do you think?  Now I just need to cut it out.

    FYI: This is for my daughter's high school softball team senior night.  I did something similar last year all in black and the girls and their parents loved it.  One has her sign in her dorm room in college.

  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,475
    @rebeckia, here is a Facebook group you can join, where you can ask questions just like this group.  There is a Files section and a Videos section there, too.  In the Videos section there is a video you will appreciate.  The beginning of the description of it is this, "This video is about cutting out layered portraits. It utilizes the Stacked Color Scans feature of Make-The-Cut. " This is a how-to video, showing you step-by-step how to do exactly what you're trying to do, in MTC.

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