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Importing Files

PaulettePaulette Member Posts: 5
edited April 2017 in Help for Make The Cut
I just purchased some SVG  files and they don't import at the correct size like they ALWAYS did in the past.
What happened to the DPI setting and the other things you could fine tune when importing SVG files?
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,228
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    From what I read the DPI options were removed as MTC now reads that information automatically from the file
    Although it still seem to be an issue with file created in some other applications as the svg file they create do not contain that information

    If you know what the exact size should be you could calculate the percentage difference there is, then resize the whole project by that % amount.

    The only issue would be if you project has slots or holes that need to be a certain size eg. to match a tab that passes through.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,871
    @Paulette - I have answered your question in much detail on the FB page. So I will summarise what I wrote there:

    - the ability to choose the DPI hasn't been in MTC for a very long time and several versions ago
    - files that are not created at 90 dpi do not import at the size the designer may have had in mind
    - files created in Adobe products are created at 72 dpi and will import smaller in MTC
    - to resize, refer to the documentation provided by the designer for sizes, then select the shapes and resize to that size. For example, one particular 3DSVG file is sized at 10.3 inches wide, it comes into MTC as 8.24 inches wide. To get the 8.24 inches to 10.3 multiple by a factor of 125%...select all, then lock the height/width dimensions, and type 125% in one of those and press enter. Bingo - resized. resizing this way should not incur the problem as described by Crazy_Mr_Zing, if the file is smaller, then everything is proportionally smaller and resizing should proportionally resize. Hope that helps.
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