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Cameo 3 problem

jhcm25jhcm25 Member Posts: 3
Hello, when i push the button to start  the cameo to cut, i see the next message

After 3 times clicking on the Continue button the next message is on my screen.
And the program stops.

What's going wrong???????


  • jhcm25jhcm25 Member Posts: 3
    Firmware V1.40 and softwareversion see the next picture
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,873
    @jhcm25 - Welcome to the MAKE THE CUT! forum, a forum that supports the users of Make The Cut! software and its supported cutters. While MTC does support older Silhouette cutters, you are not using MTC by the looks of things. Click the link to Silhouette America Inc. to be connected to Silhouette and their support resources to resolve your problem. 
  • jhcm25jhcm25 Member Posts: 3
    Solved, thank you for the reactions????????
  • tuicarlostuicarlos Member Posts: 166
    @jhcm25 - This is not a specific problem of the Silhouette Studio software but the communication between the software and the new firmware of the cutter.

    Attempt 1:

    1.       Close your software;

    2.       Disconnect the power cord of your cutter;

    3.       Disconnect the USB cable from your cutter;

    4.       Press several times the Power On/Off button of your cutter;

    5.       Now reconnect the USB cable of your cutter;

    6.       Reconnect the power cord of your cutter;

    7.       Open the software;

    8.       Turn your cutter on and wait a couple of seconds;

    9.       Try to cut a simple shape just for test.


    Attempt 2: (only if the attempt 1 has not solved the problem)

    Get the free upgrade to Beta V4. This new version is being tested for several months but there are still some bugs to be solved, such as the order of the layers, for example. However, V4 has proved to be more compatible with the new firmware of the Cameo 3. Don’t panic because the software was completely reshaped but for better and you’ll not take too long to learn how to use it again. I suggest you getting this free upgrade in a second computer for not compromising your production.

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