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Settings for cutting Chipboard.

RLWemmRLWemm Member Posts: 10
I am having trouble cutting medium density chipboard (non-corrugated cardboard) with my cutter. First the board would not stick to the mat.  I sanded the back of it, then washed the mat with soap and water and resprayed it with Kryon Easy Tack.  That solved that problem - mostly.  The board stuck to the mat where the rollers moved over it and I had to scrape some of it off.  Fortunately the damage to the board did not show and I am glueing the pieces back to back to make the resulting template thicker.

I used a long 60 degree blade on my old Black Cat Pro.  I used a Speed of 100 and started with a pressure of 80, which was later changed upwards to 100, 120 and then 200.  I started with the blade up and then moved it down by about a half turn twice.  The first cut worked, but only after about 15 passes.  We turned the mat around and began from the other end (in order to use all of the chipboard and not have trouble with the rollers moving off the back of the board.  The  first cut worked.  Speed at 100, Pressure at 200 and blade dialed upwards.  We turned the blade down for the next cut - and disaster struck.  The mat slipped and the blade cut away from the original lines.  It was stopped in time for me to take the result off the board and cut through the remaining board with scissors (for the straight bits) and with a craft knife (for the fiddly bits).  Once again, the damage will not show because I am laminating identical cutouts together. 

All this is much less than ideal.  I presume that I have the settings wrong.  I cannot find any clear instructions on how to set the blade depth (which may be the problem.)  The blade is new and therefore at peak sharpness.  The cardboard sticks OK to the mat, now, so that is not the problem.  So that leaves Pressure, Speed and Blade set up as the probable culprits. 

Any ideas.


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,198
    edited April 2017
    You don't mention how think the board is ?

    Usually you set the blade exposure so the blade will just cut thought the material

    Chip board density varies some can be extremely tough to cut
    Some material is basically just not suitable for cutting with this type of machine

    Attempting to force the blade to cut to deeply in each pass though dense material in one pass causes a lot of sideways force which often lead to mat slippage

    this video explains the method I use for my Zing
    although it also that a little practice to judge the correct settings

    With regard to you mat rather than making it extra sticky using some removable tape to secure around the edge can help hold your material in place

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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    And the pinch wheels should never roll on any media.
  • RLWemmRLWemm Member Posts: 10
    It is "medium density" which I think is about .03 or .04 inches thick. About 1/16th inch.

  • RLWemmRLWemm Member Posts: 10
    The board sticks to the mat quite well now, so I don't think extra tape will help.  When we looked at the mat this morning it seems that the placement of the mat in relation to the rollers is probably the problem.  That is, the mat is slipping in relation to the machine and knife, rather than the chipboard slipping on the mat.
    We are going to try adding an extra line of masking tape along the sides where the side rollers run, but underneath the mat as well as on top of it.  We will dial back the pressure and do more cuts with the knife set to cut part way through the material rather than all the way through.  There is no way this dense  material will cut in one or two passes.  However, I can cut it with scissors, so it should be capable of being cut cleanly by the machine.  In fact, we have already had success with this.

  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    The blade depth is achieved by holding the blade tip against the edge of the paper (the profile). The tip should not extend past the depth or thickness of the paper. Slow speeds, and multiple passes have proven to be more successful when cutting this type of media.
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