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Stiff and waterproof material that Cougar Black Cat can cut? [Resolved]

RLWemmRLWemm Member Posts: 10
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I have just fired up my Cougar Black Cat cutter again, after a couple of years lapse due to illness and house moving.

This forum no longer recognized me.  I had to register again. 

My current problem is finding some stiff relatively rigid waterproof material that I can use to make forms for light weight concrete pouring.  The normal 3/8 inch foam core board will not fit under the knife holder or the rollers.  I cannot see a way to raise these things.  I have a small piece of 1/8 inch styrene sheet that will fit, but the material is fairly hard and I am not sure that the blades will cope with it without breaking. 

I could cover medium weight chipboard with stick on Mylar, I suppose.  However, the chipboard stock that I have just bought will not stick properly to the newly sprayed cutting mat.  Besides, I will have to cut several pieces and glue them together to get the material to be sufficiently stiff. 

One set of pieces will be glued together to form a "plug" inside a square plastic bucket mold.  The concrete will be poured or tamped in between the bucket walls and the plug in order to make the hole for the earth and plants.  I have considered trying to make this plug from the chipboard, covered with stick on mylar, with the inside given rigidity by spraying it with Great Stuff foam.   This might work - - or not.  The main problem is that it will probably only last for one pouring.  I would have to make a new one each time I wanted to use the mold. 

Another project is to make inserts for a seed grower that will hold 19 plastic cups upright.   It is round, with cup-shaped holes in it and eight "feet" around the edges that I will have to bend to a sturdy right angle.  The feet sit in water in the base of what is actually a round cake container.  It will be constantly damp.  I have no clue what to make these pieces from.
Any ideas?
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