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1. Is MTC compatible with Macs? 2. Is it different than Sure Cuts A Lot Pro? 3. Do I need both?

ShayRaeShayRae Member Posts: 1

My husband and I are new to die cutting and just purchased the 24" Silver Bullet.  We are wondering which software we definitely need to get started.

Thank you. 


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,096
    Welcome to the Make the Cut (MTC) software support forum.  In answer to your questions:

    1, Yes, MTC is "compatible" with Macs BUT note this, it is not a true "Mac" program written for a Mac computer.  It is a PC program that is "ported" over to the Mac using a PC emulation via the Wine program.  As a result, it has PC commands, and a PC feel to many Mac users.  Some of us are okay with that, others are not.

    2. Yes, MTC is different from SCAL Pro.  They are two different programs that were written by two different programmers to begin with.  However, MTC and SCAL have some similarities in their features and tools and they have some differences. One thing to note is that MTC has not been updated in quite a while now.  SCAL is being updated.  Also, SCAL does have a true "Mac" version of their program and some prefer it for that reason. You will need to compare the features of both for yourself and see if you have a preference for one over the other.  Also, depending upon what you are planning to do with your cutter, you many not need the PRO version, the regular SCAL may meet your needs.

    3.  Do you NEED both - that depends on YOU. Many users have both SCAL and MTC.  There are enough differences in the programs, and tools and features that for the price of the program - they buy both.  The best way to find out about any of them is to download the trial version of each and give them a try.  See if you prefer the interface of one over the other, does one have tools you really want - that the other doesn't have, etc.  Trail versions can be tried for free.  They do cut watermarks into what you cut, they do not let you print or export out the files.  MTC does not have a time limit on its trial version.  SCAL does.

    What you did not say is did you buy your Silver Bullet new?  If you did, did you get the basic SCAL program with it?  If so, are you trying to determine if  you should update to the Pro version?  If that is the case, then look at what the Pro version adds for the cost - most basic cutter users don't need it for the few additions it adds over the basic SCAL program or MTC.  If you bought used rather than new, did you get the user to transfer the ownership over to you with the SB distributor so that you can access their help center, forums, tutorials, etc.  Also, if bought used, you may be able buy SCAL and an extended warranty from that SB distributor.

    Another thing to understand is that SCAL has the cutter plugins needed to talk to your SB cutter.  MTC does not have a specific SB plugin, but you can use the one for the KNK Maxx (Not the Maxx Air machine.) However, it is more difficult to do that on the Mac version then it is on the PC side. As a result, you may find it simply easier to go with the SCAL program since you are using the SB with a Mac.

    I have had both SCAL and MTC since their beginnings.  I have a SB cutter for a couple of years now and had its predecessor before it.  I have a PC set up in my workroom so I can run either SCAL or MTC from it.  I have used my Mac, but it was more just to see that I could and since its not in the room with my cutter, don't do so regularly.

    Hope that answers most of your questions.  Only you can decide which program you want to use, do your research here on the forum and elsewhere.  Then make your choice for your needs and budget.
    Go Vols!
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