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BillGBillG Member Posts: 12
What is A SVG file?


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,096
    SVG stands for Scaleable Vector Graphic.  So an SVG file is a "scaleable vector graphic" file.  It has become a good "standard" of choice for files for those in the cutter world.  Many programs will let you IMPORT an SVG file, some, but not all will allow you to EXPORT out as an SVG file.  Make the Cut software (upon who's support forum you are on - welcome) will allow you to import and/or export out an SVG file.  MTC works with a variety of different electronic cutters.

    For more information on SVG files - do a quick google search.
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  • BillGBillG Member Posts: 12
    Thanks MeFlick. I am new to this world.
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,313
    Hi BillG ask away we all had to start somewhere.  I only discovered SVG's about two years ago now as I always use wmf before.  It's the same thing different but has limitation in respect of colour shading which needs to be in png format or jpeg (photos).  A question is only useless if it is not asked as you wont get an answer!  LOL.  Anyway welcome.
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  • BillGBillG Member Posts: 12
    Thank You Di-Lite BillG
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,452
    edited March 2017
    "SVG" as a name has always amused me.  It's redundant.  Vector graphics are scaleable.  So basically SVG means, "Scaleable scaleable graphics.  Hilarious.  But I get it.  That sounds even sillier than Scaleable Vector Graphics, even though both say the same thing.  

    And "They" (possibly Adobe?) had to come up with a name, didn't they?  I mean, vector graphics were already a thing.  They came up with a set of criteria that included improvements to the original properties.  So it's important to have a distinctive name to "brand" the new product.  And also allow a consensus among graphics software companies with a set of rules to be used across the industry.  Right?  
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