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Part not cutting out [Resolved]

DhouseDhouse Member Posts: 61
edited March 2017 in Resolved Issues
I am having trouble getting part of my design to cut out like I want. I was using some different techniques and I don't know what all I have done. I would like to get the flames to cut out, but its not happening, just outline. I think it has a shadow on it and I don't know if that's causing the issue or what. I've moved the layer position and still getting the same results. The image I'm working on is the one on the right. Any help from the pros would be much appreciated! Many thanks.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,060
    @Dhouse - Not quite sure what you mean by "its not happening, just outline." If you hide all the other layers other than the first layer, which has the flames pieces - 3 shapes. I changed the mat colour and then changed the white of the flames to red so you can see them.

    So is this effect you want?

  • DhouseDhouse Member Posts: 61
    I will try that. When I go into Cut Preview it looks like it is thin lines, but I guess that's reallly okay. Looking at it now, I think I was looking for the flames to be totally white in the Cut Preview and they aren't. That's what was throwing me off. Thanks for looking at it with fresh eyes! 
  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,366
    Besides the shadow at the fire, the font was overlapping too and wouldn't cut out well. I fixed what I could.
  • DhouseDhouse Member Posts: 61
    I love this software and continue to learn everyday. Thanks to people like you that are willing to share their knowledge. You take the frustration out of learning! Bless you!
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