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Silhouette Cameo 3

RosemarieRosemarie Member Posts: 427
Hi I just got my new Silhouette Cameo 3 machine. Finally upgraded from my cricut expressions...YAY! Now, I know i need a new version of mtc as i haven't been able to upgrade the software since the beginning one many many years ago.  In fact it must be 3 years since i've been on this message board. Does anyone know if i need to repurchase or if i can find the software download i have on an ancient computer will I just be able to upgrade that software. Anyone have any suggestions? 


  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,367
    edited March 2017
    I think you just download the latest version (which is not very new either)  it from the download page https://www.make-the-cut.com/Download.aspx?ref=lp and put in your activation number that you were given when you first purchased MTC. I do not think that there is a plugin for the Cameo 3 so you'll only be able to design and export as svg for use with your cutter. If you purchase Designer edition of silhouette studio then you can directly import svg's

  • RosemarieRosemarie Member Posts: 427
    I purchased the design studio for the silhouette 3 already. I guess I was hoping to use this program being I bought it so long ago and never really used it much because of PC problems
  • tluck54tluck54 Member Posts: 419
    You can use MTC to design just have to use silhouette software to cut. I don't have have the silhouette 3 software but have silhouette designer an I think it is easier and you can do more with MTC.
  • MamaEssieMamaEssie Member Posts: 2
    I used my new Cameo 3 to cut MTC files today.  The margins are way off, but it cuts just fine if you can figure out how to position everything. 
  • SassyLady_LisaSassyLady_Lisa Member Posts: 1,123
    I use MTC to design, then export as SVG for import to SSDE.  While I have learned SSDE, I far prefer MTC for designing.  I've got SSDE 4 beta and find it much better.  It now has trace by color, which is great.  I still like MTC better. I really wish we could get a plug-in for Cameo 3!
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