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I just figured out how to connect my Artcut Plotter/Cutter to my computer. And now that I want to test it to make sure it cuts I cant get it to Cut, so my question is...How do I adjust the cutting Knife? Thank You in advance.


  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,360
    Welcome again to the Make the Cut! forum where we discuss how to use the Make the Cut! software. This is not really a good place for you to get help on your artcut cutter since most of the people here have more in the way of a hobby cutter that works with MTC software. I might suggest you look at you tube videos specifically for your cutter or call the company that sold you the cutter. It would be faster.
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,195
    edited March 2017
    "I adjust the cutting Knife" Not sure what you mean
    What software was supplied with your cutter ?
    What Particular Model Cutter do you have ?
    Make the Cut has Plugin the following cutters
    • Works with all Cricut™ machines We no longer are compatible with Cricut™
    • Works with the new KNK Zing! Except KNK ZING Orbit
    • Works with all Klic-N-Kut™ models Except KNK Force
    • Works with the Pazzles Inspiration™
    • Works with BossKut Gazelle™
    • Works with Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™ series
    • Works with USCutter™ MH/LaserPoint series
    • Works with CraftWell's eCraft™
    • Works with Silhouette SD™ and Cameo™ including Print and Cut!
    • Supports HPGL machines with printer support (Craft ROBO™, Wishblade™, etc)
    Is possible one of these plugin might work with your cutter but that would be a matter of installing each plugin and trail and error
    If your cutter has a printer driver it maybe possible to cut from make the cut via the print function
    In trial mode it is possible to cut from Make the Cut using the plugins but extra Watermark cuts are made in the project once registered these cut are no longer made
    Unfortunately the Print function is unavailable in unregistered version so testing compatibility using the print function is not possible while make the cut remains unregistered

    Sure Cuts a Lot Software appear to have built in Plugins for those more not so common Brand Cutters so it might be worth test the free trial verson

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