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Question Regarding How to Enlarge Photo or Graphic After Being Traced Into MTC

Good morning.  Is there a way to trace a photo into MTC and be able to enlarge it once in MTC?  I have increased the size to 300% (which is as much as MTC allows in the Pixel Trace menu); however, once the image is successfully traced and on my project page, I am unable to enlarge it any further.  What I'm trying to accomplish is to create/design a 3' x 5' banner in MTC and use an image as background that would cover the entire size of the banner and add team logo and player's names over the image - ultimately providing this image to the vendor to print the banner.  Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,198
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    Make the cut might struggle to deal with such a large image
    So first I may help if you enable image caching Help > Advanced > Advanced Settings
    I might also be a good idea to enable auto save just in case MTC crashes 

    If you just was the image as a background image

    try this create a rectangle the size of you banner so  36" x 72"

    I think it you crop you image so its close to  a 3x5 ration it may prove easier

    Right click on the rectangle  choose Select Texture and browse to and open you photo
    You made the next page a quite a few options try deselecting tile texture and see what it looks like if you want to change the setting right click choose Select Texture again
    The image may look a little poor in quality do a print preview to se what the print quality will look like
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    @liketostitch - I think I would be inclined to design the banner with the team logo and player names only in MTC and have the vendor print it all together, they will have the proper tools for doing this. Taking a photo from 4" x 6" (standard photo size) to 3' x 5' will require the right software algorithms which MTC does not have. Or you will just have one pixelated mess.
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