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need to upgrade from silhouette

icancraftthaticancraftthat Member Posts: 3
5 years ago i bought myself the original cameo to speed up cutting on products I was making. This has lead to more and more products and opened a would of possibility to me. However, I feel like I have outgrown it. It is quite slow and I have difficulty after some time with not cutting all the way through my card stocks. I generally use 60-110lb card socks, sometimes copy weight, and some vinyl. Research has lead me to look at getting Silver Bullet OR KNK (Force or zing-orbit i have no idea which yet) and using MTC. Right now I am just using SIL software. Basic one. Any recommendations? 


  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,332
    I can only say the learning curve on a new machine will be quite big as the Cameo is a sweetie to use.  I now have a Force but the learning curve is very steep.  It's all according to how big a sheet you intend cutting the Bullet, and the KNK zings are options.  You will need to give a little more information on sizes for the wise to give their opinions.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,113
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    Welcome to the MTC software support forum. I see you just joined yesterday so let me give you some information to think about. Based on the information that you have noted on what you do, any of the SB or KNK cutters would work fine.  The Force may be overkill for what you are doing unless you decide to expand into other areas.  Nothing is much known yet on the Zing Orbit but I think it would be one worth checking into for your needs since it seems it is replacing the Zing.  How much are you cutting every day since you are using it as a business?  How often do you cut the same thing over and over?  Those are important questions to know the answers to.  Those might point you to checking out the KNK Maxx Air as well.

    First, as you already noted, you are not presently using MTC with your Silhouette Cameo so I am going to assume you don't yet have MTC.  If not, I would suggest that you download trial versions of both MTC and SCAL (Sure Cuts ALot) software programs and try both of those programs out.  MTC does not have a time limit on the trial but SCAL does.  It's a short timeframe so make sure you have time to try it out before downloading it.  Both cut watermarks and have some other limitations when running in trial mode.

    I suggest getting and trying both for a couple of reasons.  One, the Silver Bullet machines ship with SCAL and their support they provide is on using it with SCAL.  However, you can use MTC with it - you just have to use the KNK Maxx information and make some numbers "flipped."  Minor items easily done but information to understand.  This information can be found on this forum. Two, if you get a KNK machine - you need to see what program they will be offering with it.  They used to ship the Zings with MTC but not sure if that is still the case.  Also, the Force does not come with either, it has C3 for cutting and you design in other programs, export out as an SVG file and then cut with C3.  Both MTC and SCAL can export out as an SVG file and those files usually important quite well into C3 for cutting to the Force.  So, if you are planning to get a cutter which provides MTC or SCAL, you will want to see if that is the program you want to use with it or buy the other.

    There was hope that MTC would have a "plugin" for the Force by now but it doesn't and not sure one will ever be coming for it.  SCAL however does have a plugin for cutting directly to the Force.  In addition, it also has been updated and has plugins for other newer cutters on the market that MTC does not.  This is primarily because MTC has not been updated in several years now while SCAL is still being updated regularly especially for new cutters.  This will be the same concern for you if you are looking at the Zing Orbit that is coming out shortly.  If MTC has not been updated for other cutters in several years now, and wasn't updated for the Force, I am not sure it will be updated for the Orbit either. Also, what computer system do you use?  A windows PC system or a Mac OS based system?  If a Mac, SCAL runs "native" on the Mac platform, MTC does not.  It runs under a windows emulation through the installation of Wine on your Mac (unless you have a PC side on your Mac - then you can install and run on the PC side of your Mac.)  Some Mac users don't like that about MTC - they prefer to run "native" programs - others don't mind and are fine.

    Both MTC and SCAL now have User Manuals written for them thanks to SandyMcC a consultant with KNK.  You can find those on her website, Iloveknk.com. Both have user forums like this one but MTC's used to at least have a lot more help and traffic.  Both the SB and KNK also have their own forums,not as much traffic on either of those, but you can get help when needed.

    That should get you started on "thinking" where you want to look.  If you have more specific questions - feel free to ask and we can try and provide more help/info.  Good luck on your decision.  I am one of the few who can say they have both a SB and a Force.  both vendors have always provided me with good support.

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  • icancraftthaticancraftthat Member Posts: 3
    had not even looked at the MAXX air as it isnt listed on their Canadian Website, I messaged for more info on that. I definitely want something more professional, but I dont need to over kill it (though my instinct is always to overkill. I tend to cut anywhere from 1- as many as i can get the thing to spit out each day. when its busy 5 sheets a day, when I am preping for a craft show its constant. If i am in maker mode of my craft kits I need to cut about 40+ sheets to make 3 kits so that takes a couple days on the SIL to print, and cut them all. I think I am leaning toward KNK. either the MAXX Air or the Zing Orbit. cant decided. waiting more info from the company. 

    I am a PC gal

    thank you for your awsome reply MeFlick
  • icancraftthaticancraftthat Member Posts: 3
    Di-Lite I generally cut 8.5x11 paper, to 12x12 paper. in vinyl i buy 12" wide, cause thats all cameo will take, but I never need a piece bigger than 3x3 for any given project.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,838
    @icancraftthat - I would recommend the new KNK Zing Orbit, it would likely be just right up your alley. It is currently not on shore yet, but travelling (by ship) from the factory in China to the US. If you are interested in Canadian pricing (I am in Canada) please PM me...so click on my name in blue here and then click on the Message button on the top right of the page.
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,305
    I've been testing the Zing Orbit for the past few weeks and it cuts beautifully, even at high speeds, due to a higher cutting resolution than other cutters currently in the hobby world. 
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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,865
    There are a number of excellent cutters on the market, and as others have said, your needs will dictate which is the best for you. Among my 13 cutters, the one I use most is the Pazzles Vue, as it is easy to use and a great all-purpose machine. My next choice would be the KNK Zing, as it cuts wider and is great for cutting wider vinyl.

    KNK Zing Orbit is the current machine replacing the KNK Zing. It cuts faster than other cutters on the home cutter market, but speed is not always a good thing for accuracy in cutting intricate designs.

    I prefer Pazzles click style blade holder over the one that ships with Zing, although I think the Zing blade is better quality, and cuts fine detail more precisely. Zing also cuts more quietly. 

    Pazzles cuts heavier media better for me.

    I prefer MTC software over SCAL.

    Again, your personal needs and preferences will dictate which is better for you. 
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