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Vinyl peeling off mugs?

jayelknightjayelknight Member Posts: 2
I recently bought a Silhouette Cameo in hopes of making some vinyl mugs to sell. I used to hand paint them, but that takes a lot of time, and hoped using vinyl decals would be easier. I see so many vinyl mugs being sold and everywhere I've researched says that Oracle 651 outdoor vinyl works great for mugs. However, every one I've done, the vinyl peels right off. I barely washed a test mug and the decals were peeling up and coming off. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm using blank dollar store mugs and have washed them very well before applying the vinyl. I even tried HTV and applied it with an iron, but it peeled off just as easily.


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,469
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    @jayelknight, the substrate you are attaching the vinyl to has a lot to do with how well the vinyl will stick.  If the $ store mugs you're using are plastic, they may have a small amount of oiliness that simple washing may not be able to remove.  Try wiping them down with denatured alcohol before applying the vinyl.  Another thing you can try is experimenting with different sorts of mugs to try and find one that your vinyl will easily stick to.  You might also recall that the $ store also sells glass mugs and tumblers.  The vinyl should stick to those without issues.  Last but not least, if you can get the vinyl to stick for a few days, you could use it as a paint mask.  That would let you paint the design much quicker and when the paint is dry you can peel off the vinyl and not worry.  If you want to give that a try, I suggest Pebeo Vitrea paints. http://en.pebeo.com/Creative-leisure/Painting-on-Glass/Vitrea-160
  • jayelknightjayelknight Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions. I am using ceramic/glass mugs. I've tried different ones, but they all seem to have the same issue.
  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,360
    You might want to try htv vinyl instead of oracle
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,113
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    You might want to try htv vinyl instead of oracle
    . . .  I even tried HTV and applied it with an iron, but it peeled off just as easily.
    HTV or Heat Transfer Vinyl is not intended to be used on ceramic/glass mugs or any type of substrate other than something that will allow the HTV to "melt" into it. This is why you need the "heat" to apply so typically, HTV is only going to work with a material. It has no adhesive on it, which is why it needs to "melt" into the object it is being applied to with the heat.

    Regular vinyl has a solvent based adhesive applied to the back of it.  The "number" of the vinyl is used to rate the "stickiness" of it and the higher the number, the more it will "stick." Typical wall vinyl (which the Cricut vinyl is) is typically Oracal 631 which is rated for indoor use.  It is easily removed.

    Oracal 651 has a stronger adhesive and is rated for an outdoor use of close to 6 years generally.  It should be able to be used on some substrates that are going to be washed like you are trying to do - but they need to be gently hand washed.  You should not try to put it in the dishwasher (although I have seen where it was and stayed put.) I have used this myself on things that have been hand washed and had no problems. I have also had it on my back car windows for decals and had no problems with it lifting even after users of it being on there and going through car washes.  It has been on my mailbox for more than 8 years and is still there with no issues.

    There is other higher numbered vinyls like Oracal 751.  They have a stronger adhesive and are considered an even higher lifetime on outside objects.

    So, why is yours not sticking - I'm not sure.  First, I would check to make sure that it is in fact Oracal 651 and not 631.  Second, make sure that you are applying the decal firmly and adhering it well.  I use a brayer to help make sure it is well adhered to anything I am applying it to. Give it time to "adhere" to the surface. Let it sit at least overnight.  Don't apply it and then immediately try to wash it.  Second, make sure you are gently washing by hand.  If you are doing the above, and are positive that it is 651, then I would suggest that there is something on the surface of those dollar store mugs that causes the issue of adherence and/or possibly the vinyl is old (just because you bought it "new" recently doesn't mean that it hasn't been setting around in storage somewhere for a long time.)

    If you still can't get it to work, then you could try one of the higher numbered vinyls and see if one of those will work better for you.  Just remember that with any of them, especially if you are planning to sell, that you tell them they have to be hand washed.
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