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First machine, what level do I need to go in at?

HaidaGirlHaidaGirl Member Posts: 1
My main purpose for this machine is that I work with a lot of maps and diagrams. I carry half a dozen stencils to trace shapes on to maps and slides (think the green stencils for drafting).

I would like to crate my own most needed shapes on to one or two transparent stencils that I can use to draw with. I need it to be something more sturdy than vinyl I think, a thin plastic, flexible is ok but not cloth like. Again, a normal art stencil. I also sometimes have a need to spray paint larger symbols and wouldn't want to go smaller than 12" on the cuting surface.

The example of stencils that I see are mostly very very thin. I don't want to go straight for the KNK MAXX if I don't need it for those types of things, but it's hard to determine exactly where I do need to be.

I don't want to buy more than I need, but also don't want to end up where I can't accomplish this. Basically, make my own shapes and designs, and cut them into a thin, firm and semi flexible, plastic. What machine works best for my needs? Thanks.


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