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MTC crashing with Weld or Split

I've used MTC for over 4 years now and recently it has been really buggy.  I have problems with it crashing when welding or splitting.  It isn't consistent, but it is pretty constant.  Sometimes it will happen 20+ times in an hour.  I have to save between each change just so that I don't lose any work.  If I have three words in the same font, that need to be split and then welded together because of the cursive letters, one of them will work fine and the the other two crash.  Other times it is the other way around.  I have found that shrinking them to less than an inch tall usually helps, but not always.  I have also had problems with a C++ runtime error as well.  Can you tell me if this is because I have Windows 10 or are there other problems that are being fixed?  


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,837
    edited February 2017
    @Tecia_Tecia - I have been supporting computers, software and their users for 25 years, and in my experience programs themselves don't become "really buggy" (they usually always start that way) - we find that its the whole computer that has become buggy, infested with malware, and other malicious code. So a couple of questions. How old is your computer? What is the computer, how much RAM does it have, and what version of your operating system? When was the operating system last updated? Have you ever run a complete scan of the computer for malware, viruses, etc. with a reliable piece of software designed to do just that? And when was the last time that you did a clean up of all the temp files on the computer? Do you have the option set for MTC to automatic project saving? Or checked the option Undo/Redo Size? These are found in the Help menu under Advanced => Advanced Settings.

    Oh PS No, its not because you have WIn10...I run several versions of MTC on my Win10 and have for a while, as well as many, many others on this forum.
  • tuicarlostuicarlos Member Posts: 159
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    @Tecia_Tecia - You already said that you are running Windows 10 and of course that your computer is not too old because, starting with Windows 8, you had to use an Upgrade Assistance to check if your hardware was okay before going forward. So, as @Liz_A suggested, you can check about malware and virus but, let do it on the right way. Following the steps below you’ll eliminated some of general causes of bad performance in your computer and I hope that it can solve this specific problem too.

    1. First… if it’s for a laptop keep it always plugged into outlet power;

    2. Close all the programs you are using;

    3. If you already have an antivirus program, update it first to be sure that it has the latest library/remedy for current threats. If you still not have an antivirus program you can just enable Windows Defender already installed in your computer. Go to Start/Settings/Update & security/Windows Defender and turn all the options showed on. After that you must update it too. Run the antivirus program in Full scam. It could take too long to finish, depending of your programs and files, I suggest you start it just before going to the bed. In the morning, you’ll see the results and take the actions if need;

    4. Restart your computer;

    5. Now let’s update your OS and others Microsoft software. Go to Start/Settings/Update & security/Check for updates. It could take too long but you’ll know when it’s finished. Please don’t interrupt this process;

    6. If not done or requested by the update process I suggest you restart your computer again;

    7. If you have the license key of MTC, uninstall MTC. If you don’t have your license key, you can ask to MTC Support before uninstalling MTC;

    8. Clear the cache and history of all Internet browsers you use. In Google Chrome choose “the beginning of time”;

    9. “Windows” + “R” keys, type Disk Cleanup and run it. You’ll know when it finishes when the small window disappears;

    10. Download and install TempFileCleaner from https://addpcs.com/software/tfc/#/about. This is a suggested software. It’s free and works very well in AppData area where modern virus use to be hidden;

    11. Run TempFileCleaner (green arrow) until it shows zeros on the left bottom corner;

    12. Download and install a free trial of CCleaner Professional from https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download. This is a suggested software. After the trial period, you must pay $24.95 onetime license to continue getting updates and using it, if you want to;

    13. Run CCleaner until you see zero file or just one small file listed. So, click in “Registry” than in “Scan for issues” click in “Fix all issues”. You’ll be asked to save a small backup file in your Documents folder, agree and continue the process. You can close the program when you see 100% in a green bar;

    14. Restart your computer;

    15. Now let’s defrag your HDD. Go to Start/All apps/Windows Administrative Tools/Defragment and Optimize Drives, select the first drive and click in “Optimize”. Do this for each one than close the window. Again, it could take too long. Time to brew a strong Mocha coffee;

    16. Restart your computer again;

    17. Install MTC as administrator. Right click on the MTC icon and chose “Run as Administrator”;

    18. Try your MTC and let us know if the problem has gone.

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  • Little_BerryLittle_Berry Member Posts: 5,760
    That problem will not go away. Keep saving your work often, and maybe even close the program and shut down the computer then try at a later time
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