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My zing is not cutting correctly.

janet1vjanet1v Member Posts: 1

My zing is not cutting correctly.  I've had the machine for several years with no problems but yesterday it stopped cutting the left side of my 8 1/2 x 11 paper (in portrait mode).  Any ideas of an adjustment I can make to get her going again?  It has always had a bit of trouble on the left side with not cutting through (on 12 x 12 paper at the very edge) but now it isn't even making a mark like the blade is touching and I'm not anywhere close to the edge.  Hope there is an easy fix, my zing is my BFF :)


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 9,836
    @janet1v - please start a new project, add several basic shapes to the mat (make it 12 x 12) so that there is a shape everywhere on the mat, then use the pen to watch the cut. If the cutter moves along for any period of time as if it was drawing, but the pen is not in contact with the media, and then it makes contact with the media and draws, then it goes up and misses again, this is a known issue for the original Zing cutters and you need to contact KNKUSA in Florida.
  • cerjzccerjzc Member Posts: 1
    As Liz said if the head actually is lifting up instead of cutting then most likely the data cable has failed.  My wife's just failed last week and I contacted KNK and talked to Ron and he confirmed that was most likely the problem.  I ordered a cable from them last week and it showed up on Friday and I installed it.  You do have to do a bit of soldering so it might not be a replacement for everyone and they did say you could send it in for a repair, but I think the repair cost was around $65 and you probably have shipping both ways.  The cable is around $21 shipped and probably took around 30 minutes to disassemble/replace/reassemble.   Once that was done the machine is working as expected.    Jeff
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