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[Closed] need advice - which machine can deliver the job well

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Dear value member of make the cut,

My name is Steve, I am a newbie in this forum. My company is based in Indonesia, and it is focusing on photo album production. I have been trying to incorporate the die cut technique to our album using several machines like cameo, curio and laser cutting few months back. But the result is still far from our expectation.

I have done some research from this forum and I found out that : 
1. KNK force 
2. Silver Bullet

Both of these machines might be able to pull off the finishing I am looking for. The thickness and type of media we are cutting is around 1-2 mm thickness (mainly consist of 400 gsm art card paper glued to photo printed paper on both sides). I have tried with laser cutting and the results are bad. The sides are left with burnt mark all around and it is hard to control the appropriate settings.

Based on you experience, which type of machines that could deliver the job well ?

kind regards,
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