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Picture Transfer to glass

BrileyBriley Member Posts: 2
I have a picture I want to transfer to the back side of a glass cutting board. Will printable heat transfer vinyl work? Any suggestions? Thank You


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,112
    Welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum.  I see you just joined us today. While the primary purpose of this forum is to support users of the Make the Cut software program that works with a variety of different brands of electronic cutters that people use for various purposes, several of us dabble in other things and we sometimes discuss those too.

    What you are wanting to do, add a picture to a glass cutting board, is usually done with specially coated glass cutting boards and with sublimation printing and a heat press.  For sublimation printing to work on an object, it has to be printed with special sublimation inks (used in a dedicated printer) on special transfer paper and the object it is being transferred to has to be polyester or have a special polyester coating applied to it.  This is totally different from printable heat transfer vinyl.  You would not be able to use printable heat transfer vinyl as you are asking about because I don't think it would properly adhere to the glass cutting board. Plus, and most importantly, you would want the front of the vinyl where you printed to "show" but that is what you would be trying to "adhere" to the back of the glass cutting board.  However, it would be the "backside" of the vinyl that you would normally "adhere" to an object. As a result, you would not be able to properly apply the printed image to the backside of the cutting board.  If it would stick, it would have to be adhered to the front side of the board which you would not want to do if you planned to actually use the cutting board.

    Sublimation printing is another whole different ballgame and is not cheap to get into.  The other big issue is that you need to be doing it regularly so that your printer and inks do not get messed up.  If interested in learning more about sublimation, I encourage you to do some research online to learn more.
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  • BrileyBriley Member Posts: 2
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,195
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    You could look into printable waterslide decal material
    This link seem to suggest it's doable Rippedsheets.com
    Waterslide decal material is available in many places and quality does seem to vary would best to seek out some reviews or recommendations
    I'm never used it but would guess a board with a texture underside would be unsuitable and I'm not sure how it would stand up to washing

    This Link popped up sounds interesting not sure if there a part one

    Waterslide Decals Cured in Your Home Oven
    Amazing Heat Set Decals are Dishwasher Safe!

    Actually that looks a very interesting blog some other interesting glass projects @Di-lite ;

    Another method would be etching the glass underside

    I'm guessing this on is adhesive vinyl on the underside

    How to make a cutting board tutorial layered vinyl

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