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Does the Make the cut work with the Brother ScanNCut2 I am looking for a program to get images that will transfer to my machine.


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,114
    Make the Cut will not work directly with the Bother Scan N Cut cutters.  However, it will let you export out to a variety of different file formats including an .svg (scaleable vector graphics) file.  It is my understanding you can use the .svg files by importing those into the Brother Scan N Cut.

    You can download a trial version of MTC from their home site found here: http://www.make-the-cut.com

    I believe that SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) software program may export out into the file format for the Scan n Cut which might eliminate one step in the process.  Both MTC and SCAL are very similar to each other.  I have both but prefer MTC. I do not however have a Brother Scan N Cut.
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  • aceeboyaceeboy Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for your reply. 
  • ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 649
    I have a scan n cut.   I use MTC to make or trace files then use a flash drive to import them into the Scan N Cut canvass.  Works just fine.

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