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Siser Glitter - Can't Weed

mitch5252mitch5252 Member Posts: 95
I ordered a roll of pink and a roll of silver Siser Glitter HTV. I've cut the "Sleep Around" (11" x ~1.75") twice now and cannot, for the life of me, weed it properly. Can't see the lines, so I'm ripping off parts of the letters.

Is this font perhaps too "fancy" for the glitter?

I have the speed (Zing) down to 9 and the force at 60.
First time screw up, force was 53. 

Any Glitter Weeding advice? Thanks. 


  • AnointedHandsAnointedHands Member Posts: 800
    If this is already messed up, try doing test cuts in this area until you get it right. I use a MA and actually think HTV is easier than regular vinyl.

    Check your offset because it might be that the cut is not completing and leaving chads.

    Looking at what you post, you will also need to reverse this before cutting. Are you cutting on the dull side?
  • mitch5252mitch5252 Member Posts: 95
    I did do a test cut with a circle inside a square (~1.5") - it worked fine (still not easy to weed, but nothing like the script words! :( 

    Offset is .35 and yes, cutting on the dull side. (although I just now screwed that up on the flame for the campfire...duh!)

    Maybe Glitter vinyl is not meant for intricate cuts like that? 
  • CraftyGirlCraftyGirl Member Posts: 508


    You may want to try using multi-cut for glitter HTV. Glitter doesn't cut as well as other vinyl and is hard on blades so a multi-cut should help.

  • mitch5252mitch5252 Member Posts: 95
    Thanks! I'll try that next. I did a 4" tall flamingo. It was so hard to see, but it did eventually work! 
  • lonestarlonestar Member Posts: 58
    edited January 2017
    I put a little powder on the back of the cuts.  It makes the weeding lines more visible.  Also, I roll the vinyl to help to make them easier to see.

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