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After several years, I'm using MTC & my Zing

I just loaded MTC and signed on to lettering delights and downloading my files.  I then restarted MTC thinking Lettering delights would show up and he hasn't.  I then restarted my computer which also didn't help.  Amy suggestions?  Thanks,  Jay 


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,198
    edited January 2017
    The Link within MTC to lettering delights is broken
    long story but basically lettering delight changed something so MTC looks in the wrong place
    You can still use littering delights but you have to download your file manually and the bring them into MTC

    I'm sure there are instructions somewhere I will try and locate them

    edit  Here some instructions Meflick posted sometime ago

    However, it doesn't need to be "fixed" for you to be able to continue to use LD purchases. it just made it maybe a little "easier" since you could access LD's site directly through MTC before. To continue to use LD's files (until or if they fix it), simply go to LD's site through a regular browser and download the file(s) to your computer and then import as any other graphic image through MTC (which is how it was done before Andy added in this "convenience".) Matter of fact, some LD purchases you have still had to be done this way anyway as LD doesn't keep all of their older files easily accessible through their main site/pages. They "pull" older stuff all the time and when they did that, you couldn't access through MTC but could still access through a web browser and your LD account. (Another reason it would probably be a good idea to download any and all purchases from LD - you never know when things can "go away" with a company.)

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    Thank you, I'll try to get to this during the weekend.  Take care, Jay

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