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Anybody using the Cameo roll feeder.

marsmars Member Posts: 1,112
How well does it track (keep the vinyl straight on long cutting runs)

Will it pull the vinyl roll without messing up the cut or do you have to feed out enough "slack" to keep it from having to pull the roll (like I have to do on my Copam cutter roller)

Any experience or advice you have is welcome - my sister got a Cameo for Christmas and I am helping her learn to use MTC! 


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!



  • CravNCraftNCravNCraftN Member Posts: 352
    I don't know about the one Silhouette sells, but my husband built me one using pvc & I love it. It buts up against my cameo, the pull does not affect my cuts & I can have more than one roll at a time on it so I don't have to stop & switch if I'm working with multiple colors.
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  • marsmars Member Posts: 1,112
    Hey @CravNCraftN, Thanks for the answer.
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