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saving design space files

dhchickdhchick Member Posts: 82
Hey guys,
My cousin bought herself a cricut explore air and is now learning ass she can on how to use design space. I am very unfamiliar with the machine and software so I am hoping you guys can shed some light with regards to saving projects on to her hard drive since her subscription will expire soon. Is there any work around?
cutting with a 24" maxx air


  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,868
    All Cricut Design space designs are saved to the cloud, and cannot be saved elsewhere using that software, unless you create the design in other software such as Make The Cut, export as SVG, then import that into Design Space. This means that you will have the SVG file saved on your hard drive. If you are using Cricut images in Design Space, you need to understand that you are RENTING those designs if using the subscription. In order to continue to have access to those designs after the subscription expires, you would need to purchase either individual images or physical or digital cartridges. If you have purchased the cartridges, you can use them with the older Cricut machines, or continue to use them on the Explore if they are linked to your account. 
  • dhchickdhchick Member Posts: 82
    Thank you so much. I will let my cuzzy know this. I knew there were restrictions but she isnt too computer savy when it comes to 'designing' so i thought the cricut would be good for her, now though, she realises the subscription detail. 
    cutting with a 24" maxx air
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