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Silhouette Cameo to cut Abalone veneer - Query

GazboGazbo Member Posts: 1

Hello Everyone. New to this forum today !

Does anyone know (or have tried) I want to be able to make some decals/stickers for my guitar work. I wanted to find some Mother of pearl - effect, or Abalone effect vinyl for these. I have so far (in UK) been unsuccessful. I have found some "Flexible Adhesive Veneer overlay stuff on ETSY.

(Thickness: 0.006" inches (= 0.15 mm), excluding double-sided tape and protection cover).

It is expensive - if it's not going to work !

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of cutting this kind of stuff on the Silhouette Cameo (Or would it wreck the blade?) or where I could get some mother of pearl / abalone effect vinyl please? If so - what settings would you recommend ?

Someone somewhere must have access to this material, as I can find hunderds of "Pre-cut designs" on eBaY.

Very best regards to all


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